Online and Blended Programs

Online and Blended Programs

Online and Blended Programs

Lilburn Medical Institute is government approved to offer online and blended programs. Our Medical Administrative Assistant program is offered completely online while Medical Assistant program is available in a blended format where students take most of their classes online and only come to the school campus for in-person Clinical Skills Modules as scheduled by the Director.

Distance education offers a convenient and effective method of learning for motivated students via the Internet. Students may enroll in programs anytime throughout the year. The Admissions Representative is available to assist students in choosing the program that best meets their needs and career goals. The Admissions Representative and Instructors are available to students by telephone, email, fax, and via video conference call if needed.

Upon enrollment, students receive a user ID and password that will allow them access to the virtual campus environment. Students can access their chosen program and its various modules, download materials, and communicate with faculty members and administrative office staff. In addition, students can enjoy the Virtual Library and virtual student forums.

Requirements for Admission

The requirements for admission into the online and blended programs is the same as the General Requirements for Admission except that students must also meets the following specific requirements for online or blended programs.

Specific Requirements for Online or Blended Programs
  • A candidate must pass the Lilburn Medical Institute Challenge to demonstrate the ability to manage in an online environment.
  • Students must have access to a desktop or laptop computer (either personally or in the library).

The following programs are now offered online:

Medical Assistant
Medical Administrative Assistant

Following satisfactory completion of the application process, the student will be notified of acceptance by email. Students will be issued a username and password and informed of the orientation date as well as expected start date and completion date for their program.


The educational programs and the instructional materials are designed explicitly for guided independent study through distance learning. Online student educational programs and instructional materials are a combination of instructor-guided study and guided independent study. This self-paced approach requires constant effort on the student’s part, encouraged by frequent evaluation from the instructor.

Demonstration of mastery of content is accomplished by self-study activities and required quizzes/assignments. Required quizzes/assignments are recorded by the school and form a part of the student’s permanent record. Students are notified of their grades when they login to the student portal of our Learning Management System.

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