Clinical Medical Assistant

Clinical Medical Assistant

Clinical Medical Assistant

The Clinical Medical Assistant Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as clinical medical assistants in a variety of health care settings. Students study the structure and function of the major body systems in conjunction with medical terminology, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, computer skills, administrative processes, bookkeeping and accounting practices, and the processing of medical insurance forms and claims. 

This program is divided into eight learning units called modules. Each module stands alone as a unit of study. If students do not complete any portion of a module, the entire module must be repeated. Following the successful completion of the first seven modules, students participate in a 160-hour externship.


Payment Options Deposit Weekly Payment
Full Tuition
Payment Plan

For payment plan, course will be completed in 30 weeks

*$750 deposit prior to the first day of class.

*36 Weekly Payments (Inclusive of payment plan fee of $150)

* Please note that above tuition does not include the registration/enrollment application fee of $100.