Career Services

Career Services

Career Services

What We Offer

  • Externship placement
  • Career Advisement
  • Resume Preparation
  • Job Search Techniques
  • Referrals
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Guidance Services

Externship and Job Placement

Our career services personnel are committed to career development and success of our graduates by leveraging our extensive partnerships with medical offices and facilities to secure externships for our students. The externship period is not only used to fulfill requirements for graduation at LMI but we seize the opportunity to equip our students with the intangible skills and attitude that are essential to securing a job after graduation.

Lilburn Medical Institute does not guarantee employment for its graduates. The School Director and career services personnel assist students in their job searches after they have successfully completed their studies, by offering information on job opportunities and temporary assignments and guidance in resume preparation and interviewing techniques. The institution makes reasonable efforts to satisfy the wishes of a graduate as to location and type of employment. The more flexible a graduate can be regarding initial employment, the easier it is for the school to assist in the placement process.

Guidance Services

Apart from personalized guidance on career development, we have guidance services that help students adjust to school life. Students are encouraged to share their challenges with the School Director for guidance and referral to available community resources.